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The Industry Factors Data Services

Based on the development goal of industrial optimization and digital upgrading, the Industry Factors Data Services Platform fully integrates the industrialized, digitalized and platform-oriented industrial efficiency demands, provides trusted data support for supply chain and industrial finance, and provides effective empowerment of low-cost and high-efficiency capital and resources for enterprises. Aiming at the development trend of industrial digitization and internationalization, the platform gives play to the advantages of market resources aggregation and promotes the development of high performance and clustering of industries.
  • Data Exchange

  • Privacy Computing

  • Distributed Network

  • Continuous Trusted Components

  • Data ExchangeLearn More

    The data exchange component focuses on solving the problem of data silos between industries and is embedded with a secure and compliant data exchange system that can meet the data exchange needs of different scenarios on the data demand side. In the process of data factor circulation, the component can ensure the credibility, privacy and security of data exchange between supply and demand sides by being auditable and traceable.

  • Privacy ComputingLearn More

    The system is embedded with a privacy computing component and uses cryptographic techniques to ensure the use of confidential data without exposing plaintext information.

  • Distributed Chain NetworkLearn More

    The platform utilizes the features of blockchain, such as distributed storage, tamper-proofing, and smart contracts, to empower industries. It deeply integrates with the business scenarios of industrial factors and provides all-inclusive solutions for industries and financial institutions.

  • Continuous Trusted ComponentsLearn More

    The Continuous Trusted Components focus on solving the host security problem of each exchange node in the process of industrial data circulation. A security control platform built by Octa combining international leading trusted computing, blockchain and AI technologies. Through continuous monitoring and analysis and automated generation of executable program whitelist for each server, it builds up its own monitoring and active defense deposition system.

Typical Cases

  • National-level Data Platform
    China Supply Chain Big Data Platform

    China Supply Chain Big Data Platform is constructed under the auspices of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, which is a joint regulatory platform of the People's Bank of China, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Commerce, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration, General Administration of Municipal Supervision, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, and Foreign Exchange Bureau. Octa provides technology development, data operation and supporting upgrades for the platform.
    The platform takes the acceleration of industry digitization, standardization, and modularization as the main line, striving to promote supply chain scenarization and ecologicalization, improve online and digital levels, and advance information transparency, turnover security, and production and sales stability in the industrial chain through deepening information collaboration effects and technological empowerment. With the support of trusted data, the platform aims to achieve multi-party mutual trust and consensus within and outside the industry, enhance the industry's public service capabilities and data interaction capabilities, and provide support for the market competitiveness and extension of the industrial chain.

  • Industrial Data Platform
    Industrial Brain and Data Hub for Pumps and Valves in Zhejiang

    By the end of 2022, the platform has served 1,018 small and micro valve enterprises, accounting for more than 80% of Yuhuan's local plumbing valve industry, with a cumulative trade volume of 1.8 billion Yuan. So that the enterprise raw material procurement costs per ton can be reduced by 100 to 300 Yuan, corporate profits increased by 20%+, and effectively prevent the risk of raw material price fluctuations. The platform also assists Taizhou Bank to launch supply chain financial services, and launch the Xiaxinbao product to help platform customers reduce capital pressure and financing costs.
    The achievement was selected for the China Communications Society's 2020 List of Innovative Blockchain Technologies and Applications, and received extensive coverage and high praise from important domestic media such as People's Daily, Science and Technology Daily, and Zhejiang Daily. It has been praised as a model for upgrading traditional industries with technology services. Zheng Zhajie, the then Deputy Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Governor, and Vice Governor Gao Xingfu gave instructions. Zheng Zhajie pointed out in the instructions that the results of the reform were worthy of recognition.

  • Financial System Data Platform
    Financial Data Hub

    The Digital Hub is led by Dayou Digital Resources Co., Ltd., with technical support provided by Octa Innovations, and jointly planned and tested by several state-owned banks. By building risk control models and collaborating with multiple data sources in digital risk control calculations, more accurate and credible enterprise risk index data is obtained. Based on this, the precision models and dimensions of data risk control are continuously enriched, effectively addressing the business pain points of precise control of enterprise financing risks for banks.

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